15th South-East European Exhibition & Conference on Energy Efficiency and Renewables Sofia

For the first time Via Expo launches 3 new zones for: 'Start-Ups', 'Financing' and 'Industrial zone’.

Some of hte presented solutions:

  • Boilers on pellets; Wood pelleting plants; Heating pumps; Multi-purpose unit ventilators with heat recovery; Biogas installations; Gas-flares and modular combustion installations for low-emission combustion of biogas and landfill gas; Gas turbines & battery energy storage systems; Low energy buildings and passive houses; Solar panels and invertors
  • Waste handling equipment for landfill management; Cleaning and municipal technologies, waste collection machines; Composting machines; Shredding, Screening, Mixing equipment; Recycling machines; Mobile and stationary pre-shredders, fine shredders; Waste separation technologies by air; Optical sorting; Containers; Pelleting Plants for Domestic and Industrial Waste; Energy from waste; Solutions for the urban waste collection based on cloud technology, Industrial, agricultural and municipal waste management services; etc.

Conferences highlights: Bioenergy; Energy efficiency technologies & Funding; Funding of waste management projects. 

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16 April 2019
Datum bis:
18 April 2019